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Black Parents Who Worry 'The Talk' Is Not Enough Turn To De-Escalation Training

The Young Black Scholars program, run by the nationwide mentoring organization 100 Black Men, works to teach Black youth how to navigate high-stakes situations that have the potential to escalate, particularly when police officers are involved and there is a tilted power dynamic.

Harvest Center director accused of illegally entering homes to evict low-income tenants

Colin Pinkney’s accusers say he entered their homes while they were away as part of an effort to evict them from transitional housing.

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Navajo Youth Co-Pilot Planes Over the Grand Canyon

The Arizona Wing of the Civil Air Patrol is placing cadets as copilots in a series of orientation flights over the Grand Canyon and the Navajo Reservation near Shonto.

A word with two meanings: devastating an entire population

For Central Americans, the word “notario” means “expert lawyer,” but the English translation refers merely to a notary public.

Family struggles to care for daughter in wake of Puerto Rico power outages

A Puerto Rico couple struggles to care for Melissa Rivera, who has cerebral palsy and multiple maladies, in the wake of Puerto Rico power outages. 

A 'button breakthrough': How dance therapy helps teen with disability

The pirouettes and pliés are helping her overcome a childhood diagnosis of a motor-skills disability. Gannon was diagnosed as a young child with dyspraxia, a disorder affecting movement and coordination. Her mother said routine actions, such as buttoning a blouse or reaching for a water bottle, weren't possible.

 NBCLA: 'Airbnb Ruined Our Summer Vacation'

An investigative look into home sharing and what happens when what you rent isn’t what you get. An I-Team investigation uncovered evidence of problems with rentals on the popular site.

NBCLA: LA's Parking Ticket Deadbeats Exposed

There are more than 100,000 vehicles that have five or more unpaid tickets. That's more than $21 million owed to the city by parking ticket deadbeats. The NBC4 I-Team discovers thousands of drivers don't pay their tickets, costing us all.

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