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About Me

Olivia Riçhard is an award-winning multi-media journalist and digital storyteller, whose work focuses on telling powerfully impactful human driven stories that shed light on underreported issues and underrepresented communities. She is dedicated to building community through storytelling and believes everyone has a story to tell. 

Her work tends to feature character driven long-form and investigative storytelling. She specializes in multimedia storytelling which includes both broadcast and audio driven work.


As a reporter Riçhard's work has been featured in large and small newsrooms across country – from California to North Carolina. Throughout her career she has help reporting positions in newsrooms including KNBC in Los Angeles, KPCC 89.3 (NPR Los Angeles), KJZZ 91.5 (NPR Phoenix), Arizona PBS, Arizona Capitol Television, and others.

Riçhard has done several special reports including producing a documentary Puerto Rico: Restless & Resilient. Riçhard traveled to Puerto Rico where she investigated massive failures in the recovery effort, traveling to remote and high risk communities to discover how families and individuals were coping six months after the Hurricane Maria.  

In Los Angeles, she worked with the NBC4 investigative team to shed light on major issues impacting the city; investigating the rampant and unregulated abuse of handicap parking placards within LA’s fashion and flower districts. While there I also helped expose failed enforcement and regulation practices by LA Department of Transportation officers that enable flagrant and repeated parking ticket violators to go unpunished and their tickets uncollected resulting in a more than $21 million dollar city deficit.


As a reporter and now associate producer for KJZZ, Arizona’s NPR news affiliate, Riçhard has covered the 2016 Presidential Election, Phoenix’s burgeoning issue of homelessness, the refugee crisis, students’ and teachers’ fight for affordable and fair education and she has extensively reported on issues within the special needs communities.

She is a go getter, a storyteller and above all passionate about bringing the voices, stories and experiences  of diverse communities to light.

Olivia Riçhard

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